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World’s largest toxin database to help develop new drugs

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  European Project Venomics has recently succeeded in gaining the creation of the largest ever database of the toxins in the history. They have analyzed 203 different species of poisonous animals, that will in turn help them to deduce various new medicines in counter of those poisons. They chiefly work on the cardiovascular related disease, obesity and diabetes. All this news was shared by the leaders of the project in a conference on Saturday. This project is basically financed by European commission. This commission was developed by a consortium of different companies and research centers to make a body to provide them speedy development center’s. Venom was extracted from number of species and then observed to determine their potential uses. Some of the deadly species such as snakes, wasps, tarantulas and sea anemones were collected during 2012 and 2013. This research has now provided a database that can be useful for future research value . It was having high complexity in terms of extracting venoms as some of the species were very small to be handled.

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