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How to detox post festivals!

How to detox post festivals!

Festivals are the times when we just can afford to do dieting . Thus post festivals it becomes important to loose weight and to be back in regular shape. Here are some of the tips before starting any diet plan:
1. we should detox ourselves but not starve thuis you can include fruits like oranges, carrot, spinach, pineapple, cucumber and pumpkin in your diet
2.  You should consume at least 2 litres of water per day and warm water 2-3 glasses with lemon.
3.  Eat as much as fruits before the noon time.
4. Salads are superb for dinner time. 5. In between the snaking period have some chanas, murmuras,. peanuts green tea and black grapes. 6. Juices like that of spinach, celery, parsley , beetroot, cucumber and coriander juice should be included. 7. For Stomach cleanser – you shopuld take help of grapes, apple, strawberries and warm lemon water. 8. do some regular exercises 9. Keep salt at bay . So Go On And Reach Your Weight Loss Goals. Don’t just read & hear about health – take action to STAY SLIM FOR LIFE!

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