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Go ‘desi’; use ghee to get rid of hair problems!

Go ‘desi’; use ghee to get rid of hair problems!

Are you also one of those who are tired of getting sick from managing those unmanageable and unruly hair? As the air pollution is increasing day by day it is becoming very hard top take care of hair and maintain it in good state. Its not only necessary for the girls but also for the boys to maintain their hair state. But, people put their hair through so much – styling, curling, straightening, colouring, etc. – it’s evident that this will take its toll.
We have a magic ingredient called Ghee , you do not have to eat it rather apply it to get rid of all the hair related problems , let us help to know more:
1. Conditioning: Desi ghee can be used as a perfect yes to conditioning purposes it also makes the hair shine softer and luscious. For this mix one tsp of ghee in olive oil and apply and leave for 20 minutes . than wash off with shampoo.  

2. Removes split ends:

It also rectifies the biggest problem related to hair that is of splits ends as nothing seems to work on your splits ends , ghee has the real power to combat it , take 3 tablespoons of ghee and apply it evenly on the split ends. Let it stay for 15 minutes and then comb the hair gently. and wash it off.

3. Hair growth:

To grow your hair real faster you need to seek for ghee and apply it on hair and then wash it off do this at least twice a month but you need to wash it off with lemon or amla juice .

4. Dandruff woes:

If you are tired of dandruff than this could work wonders for you as this happens due to dry scalp. Just massage your scalp with lukewarm water and mixed ghee in olive oil leave it for 15 minutes and wash with rose water do this method twice a month.

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