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Android N Features: What’s New and Improved

Android N Features: What’s New and Improved

Google has recently released new Android N  developer that was much awaited.  this Android N developer will be offering some of the latest features that will be available in all the next Android build that will also includes multi windows support along with some notification enhancements.Google has been putting a lot of stress over it Android N That it is still under active development as per the vice president of engineering department in Android.  the work still under process.

Multi-window support


Which Android and Google will be providing a much requested feature of multi window under which the user will be allowed to open two or more apps on the screen side by side and can split screen Mod as well.


Notification enhancements

Has taken steps to redesign Its notification faction that include template updates bundled notification along with direct reply this direct replied feature will allowed the users to communicate the apps in the real time scenario by sms or text message in the notification panel itsself.

Revamped Doze

Google has introduced this new feature named those that is a system more to save battery when the device is kept on idle situation.


with this additional features of number blocking Google sales to apply default messaging app where the third party provider apps can also read and write a blocked number list this will be the biggest advantage.

Direct boot and Multi-locale support, more languages are some other feat ures.


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