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Relationship Labels

Relationship Labels

At the beginning of every relationship, we hide behind the ‘no labels, no drama’ concept.
But as soon as it starts and you get a preview of a life you could possible have with someone else,
We become desperate.
Desperate for a label, so we are secure in the aspect of a label and all that comes with it. We don’t want it anymore, we crave for it.
We live in the anguish that if there is no label, there will not be any defined relationship
Crave for the acceptance of that one person, hence becoming an entity rather than just individuals.
And if, we don’t have a label. It would mean that we never had anything. All the time, energy and emotions spent will be replaced by a void.
We won’t have ever started, to ever end. We’ll be hanging by a thread, just waiting in agony.
And if perhaps we fall,
We fall directly into a void.
Nothing else left.
The void that can only be filled with nothing but a label. Imagine that?‎

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