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Tips to avaoid Malaria

Tips to avaoid Malaria

Malaria has been continue to be the biggest Right to public health issues world wide by counting 3.2 million people still in effect of Malaria as according to the recent report of World Health Organisation 78% of people who get infected of malaria and die due to this disease are children who are under 5 age and specially happening in sub-saharan Africa region.

In India this scenario has affected almost 2 million Indians and still over 15000 patients per year.

There are currently no licensed vaccines against malaria or any other human parasite. But, malaria can be avoided by following some guidelines. Here’s how:

  1. One should not sleep under bed nets.

  2. spray should be safe on clothing.

  3. One should take anti Malaria drugs while travelling overseas.

  4. the surrounding should be kept clean and kill adults mosquitoes

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